At Maurican Immigration & Legal Services Inc we provide Notary Services at a cheaper rate. We offer  notarization of documents, certification of  documents, the commissioning or administering of oaths among others as services.

  1. Certified copies
    • certification and notarization of  original documents’ copies 
  2. Affidavits
    • Notarization of an affidavit
    • Administering of an oath or solem declaration
  3. Statutory Declarations
    • Administration of a solemn declaration for a Statutory Declaration 
  4. Witnessing of agreement
    • Witnessing of agreements and certification of signatures
  5. Consent to travel letters
    • Notarization or certification  of Consent to Travel Letters
  6. Passport
    • Certification of photographs & documents supporting identify
    • Notarization of a Statutory Declaration in Lieu of Guarantor

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